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What's new ?

March 2019

Inside The TDM is now SSL compliant ! All requests will be automatically redirected to the https server, how cool !

November 2018

A new page about how to fit handguards on a TDM850.

Thanks Eye !

October 2018

Had to relocate to a new host due to numerous issues with the previous.
Sorry about the inconvenience.

Please update your bookmark.

November 2017

One more video before hibernation :

October 2017

A new page to cast more light on the bulbs that equip the TDM900 and TDM850.

And also a video I shot the other day on a late afternoon ride home :

August 2017

A bit of warning about user sign-up : some mail server no more allow to receive mails that contain a weblink. This is mainly the case with,,, and sometime wanadoo, orange, etc.
In case you give one of these mail when registering, chances are you will not receive the mail !
I'm trying to solve this issue but if you don't receive the confirmation mail, first check your spam/trash mailbox, then try using another mail or just contact me.

July 2016

A new page about cleaning the injectors.
Injectors are precision parts, they require good maintenance to keep them in good working conditions resulting in a good engine efficiency & performance level as well as low fuel consumption.
Cleaning the injectors is not that difficult and it costs far less than replacing them.

Yet another new page about cleaning the fuel tank and the fuel pump.
You don't realize how much rust, dirt and other crap the fuel tank may get until you drain it and have a look inside.
It's time to remove all that mess, the injectors will appreciate that !
Not very difficult to do, but it requires some safety matters as, you know, there is some fuel inside !

Novembre 2015

C'est l'automne, les feuilles tombent des arbres et les fusibles rendent l'âme...
Pas toujours facile de s'y retrouver dans tous ces fusibles, surtout sur le TDM900 et ses modifications électriques à gogo et sa version ABS.
Il fallait donc une page consacrée exclusivement aux fusibles, c'est maintenant chose faite !

August 2015

Our overseas (and sometime islander) friends are still using some strange measure units coming from the prehistoric era.
Back from vacations and facing a forum thread about fuel consumption full of weird figures, I wrote a script about how to convert usual units and keep it simple & quick to use.
This is more about bikes & general mechanic of course !

July 2015

There is also a new page about the defective 2002 ECU.

October 2014

Marco from Italia sent me long ago a very interesting tutorial about replacing the alternator stator. I've finally managed to find some time to translate the text, resize the pics & publish his article.
You too have some text / pics about some work you did on your TDM ?
Send them so the whole world may know how good you are at maintaining your bike.
Writers will receive the success they deserve, this may also include a top-model ringing at the door.

Dec 2013

Few things to report, only bug fixes :
• Error messages when registering.
• Display the menu in Safari Mobile.
• Some minor bugs.
Thanks to those who reported me !

When registering, the validation mail can sometimes be treated as spam by your mail provider. This is particularly the case with Gmail. So in case of no validation mail inside your usual mailbox, check your spam box.

Sept 2013

There where plans to do it, they where delayed, but this is now OK : the mobile devices version of the site is up and running.
• Detection of the device : mobile / desktop is automatic - no esoteric settings needed.
• The screen orientation detection is also automatic.
• Tested with Android 4.x - must also work with IOS and other mobile OS (not tested).
• Tested with Firefox, Chrome and the default browser of which I do not remember the name.
• Works preferably with a minimum screen width of 480 pixels.
• Below 480 pixels it gets a little cramped, especially with tables.
Feel free to send me feedback about any problems you may encounter : crashes, incorrect display, etc..

Summer 2013

Despite the air conditioning down for two days, I changed a few pages, including
• Changing the front fork oil seal.
• Transmission ratio calculator.
• Valve clearance calculator.
• Common problems, with some explanation about the link between second market exhaust pipes and low rpm jerkiness.

Due to the heavy work involved, there will be no more support for obsolete browsers like IE6/IE7/IE8 (IE6 was right out the gossips say) and old versions of Firefox and Chrome. If you find that the current display looks weird, it's probably because your browser is prehistoric and/or was designed in Redmont. Time has come to switch to a real, recent browser.

Summer days are here and the engine seems to be a little bit too hot...
See here why and what can be done about that.

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