History & evolution of the TDM family

Genesis & evolution of the TDM family, aka Twin Dual-purpose Motorcycle.

The ancestor : the XTZ750


In 1989 Yamaha presents the new XTZ750 Super-Ténéré. Demand is high on trail-bikes and the Honda's XRV650 / BMW GS850 are very popular. The then well-known Paris-Dakar raid will largely promote the XTZ with many victories.

The engine is a liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, 5-valve, forward inclined parallel 2-cylinder, DOHC (this is the Genesis concept common with the FZ & FZR series), dry sump with a separate oil tank. Maximum bhp is 70, which gives to the XTZ very good performances with top speed above 190kph. Remember this is a trail-bike !

The chassis is impressive too, with three disk brakes. The frame is a classic tubular steel one, rear suspension is progressive and there is a 41mm diameter front fork.

The XTZ has excellent road performances, it's also a comfy bike. The engine shows many qualities like reliability, endurance, performance... but with some oil consumption (like many bikes at this time). Among the rather few inconveniences : braking is not very good, the gearbox is rough & noisy, the frame is too heavy and not stiff enough for trail-ride.

The XTZ750 was produced until 1995 without noticeable modification.

Product codes

19893LD1 / 3LD2 / 3SC1 / 3TD1
19903LD3 / 3SC2 / 3TD2 / 3WM1
19913LD4 / 3SC3 / 3TD3 / 3VA2 / 3WM2
19923LD5 / 3SC4 / 3TD4 / 3WM3
19933LD5 / 3LD6 / 3SC5 / 3TD4 / 3WM4
19943LD7 / 3SC6 / 3TD6
19953LD8 / 3SC7 / 3TD7 / 4PY1

The Grand-Mother : the TDM850 aka MkI


In 1991 came the TDM850 MkI. The customers demand changed for more versatile bikes than for trail bikes.

The engine is similar to the XTZ750, except the bore grow up to give a 849cc displacement. Maximum bhp is 73.7, overall performances are rather good considering this is not a sport-bike, not even a sport-GT.

The TDM850 has an hybrid chassis : there is a Deltabox perimetric steel frame and rather long travel suspensions, more trail-like than pure road characteristics. The rear suspension is not progressive, the front suspension is a 41mm diameter cartridge fork. The engine is protected by a metal plate. The braking is far more efficient than with the XTZ, with also three disk-brakes. The front wheel has a rather unusual 18' diameter which limits the tyre's choice.

The 3VD - MkI was produced from 1991 until 1995 without any modification except the color pattern.

Product codes

19913VD1 / 3VD2 / 4CF1 / 4CM1 / 4CN1
19923VD3 / 3VD4 / 4CF2 / 4CM2 / 4CN2
19933VD5 / 3VD6 / 4CF3 / 4CM3 / 4CN3
19943VD7 / 3VD8 / 4CF4 / 4CM4 / 4CN4
19953VD9 / 3VDA / 4CM5 / 4CN5

The Mother : the TDM850 aka MkII


The TDM850 MkII came in 1996 with deep modifications : new design, new 'Big-Twin' 270° crankshaft designed to give more grunt.

The main points :

• New 270° crankshaft engine.
• Standard front fork, diameter is now 43mm.
• Shorter travel suspensions.
• New fairing design.
Unfortunately some inconveniences from the previous MkI are still there : rough & noisy gearbox, engine oil consumption, soft suspensions...

1999 evolution

• Improved gearbox.
• New secondary reduction ratio (16x43).
• Wiring modification.
• Electric fuel pump.
• New carburetors (BDSR38).
• New instrument panel : LCD trip meter, LCD clock, fuel meter, no more coolant temperature meter.
• Electronic speed sensor.

Product codes

19974TX2 / 5AR1
19984TX3 / 5GG1
19994TX4 / 4TX5
20004TX6 / 4TX7
20014TX8 / 4TX9

Auntie TRX850 (4XG)


In 1996 Yamaha released the TRX850, a new sport-bike with (almost) the same engine as the TDM850. The tubular frame makes the bike look like a Ducati. Overall performances are very good but unfortunately this bike was underrated.

Product codes


2002 : The TDM900 (5PS)


The TDM900 appeared in 2002. This is still a versatile all-round bike but it now comes with a more sport-GT look & feel. It's actually a new bike which share very few parts with the 850.

Main characteristics

• Engine displacement is now 897cc due to a larger bore.
• New cylinder block with composite ceramic coating.
• Fuel-injected engine (Euro2 compliant).
• New six speed gearbox.
• Catalytic mufflers with O2 sensor.
• Stiffer aluminium diamond shaped frame.
• New digital dash.
• R1's blue spot calipers.
• Progressive rear suspension, the shock absorber is fully adjustable.
• Shorter suspension travel.


• Some wiring modification.
• Permanent position lights, automatic headlight switch-on.
• No more light switch.

• Different front fork springs.
• Different front brake master cylinder (wider bore).
• Slight wiring modification.
• Immobilizer unit with transponder keys.

• New model with ABS is added : TDM900A.
• Limited edition : TDM900 Sport.

• Euro3 compliant with three-ways catalytic mufflers.
• Black painted engine.
• White dash plates.
• Thicker foam seat, new seat cover.

• Limited edition TDM900GT/ABS (only in France).

• Last production year.

Product codes

YearEurope, RSAOceaniaABS
20085PSE / 5PSG5PSF2B04 / 2B05

Limited editions

TDM900 Sport
This is a standard TDM900 with a different shaped fairing and a tall screen (Yamaha +145mm). Available Colour : Diamond-Black (DNMB) only.


Only available in France, standard 2009 colours : Silver Tech (S3), Thunder Blue (DPBMX), Midnight-Black (SMX).
The GT model comes with the following equipment :
• Tall screen.
• Wind deflectors & mirrors on the front fairing.
• Lower fairing.
• Side Cases.
• Luggage Carrier.

The GT FULL model : same as above plus
• Main Stand.
• Top-case & carrier.


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