Headlights H7 bulbs review(image)

H7 bulbs are the more recent product in automotive halogen bulbs : they are more efficient but more expensive than the old H1/H3/H4 bulbs.
They are found only on recent cars & bikes.
The headlights with H7 bulbs have a polycarbonate lens. The shape of the beam is formed by the parabolic reflector, which is made of plastic.

The TDM900 comes with two H7 bulbs :
• The left-hand bulb works as low-beam and also as high-beam.
• The right-hand bulb works as high-beam only.
Both sides have different reflectors. It is not possible to change the low/high beam lighting mode. It is either not possible to replace the H7 bulbs by H4 ones (low/high beam) because the focus point is not the same.
Since 2003 the headlight is switched on automatically when the engine is running.

Auto Plus 02/2003 Test

Lifetime : 3 bulbs from each brand were tested.
Electrical power and light flux : 5 bulbs from each brand were tested.
Type (Manufact.)PriceLifetimeQualityLightPowerFluxOverall
Feu Vert (Tungsram)7,00€+700h19,715,256,9W1386
Carrefour (Mirador)7,45€360 à 622h2018,856,9W1426
Norauto (Tungsram)8,10€+ 700h19,614,257,1W1369
General Electric9,90€+ 700h18,915,156,6W1418
Philips (Philips)11,28€610 à 700h2019,457,2W1402
Osram (Osram)11,50€562 à 599h2016,557,8W1422
Ava (Tungsram)8,99€+ 700h19,713,756,6W1346
Eloto (Klaxcar)7,89€212 à 575h1713,857W1362
Klaxcar (Klaxcar)7,47€450 à +700h14,49,156,8W1264
Standard10,30€220 à +700h17,83,759W1383
Top Lamp (Gerlux)13,90€424 à 665h13,54,856,5W1338
Peraline (Aia)3,03€47 à 116h9,7057,4W1215
Codis (Megalite)7,89€231 à 423h8,1058,5W1300
CO2 Standard (Aia)19,50€42 à 110h8058,9W1465
Quality / 20
Light / 20
Flux : Lumens.

Auto Plus 01/2008 Test

Lifetime : average from 4 bulbs.
Price given for two bulbs.

Type (Manufact.)PriceLifetimeLightPowerFluxNote
Philips Vision Plus35.00€380h18.856.6W1549
Philips Nightguide38.68€458h17.357.0W1549
Philips X-trem Power38.90€357h2057.4W1541
Osram Night Breaker39.90€177h17.557,3W1578
Philips Premium21.00€480h14.657.7W1511
Osram Silverstar47.50€280h1556,3W1607
Light / 20.
Flux : Lumens.

Other bulb types

H7 - 100W

H7 bulbs rated at 100W are not legal for road usage. When using these bulbs the reflector have a big chance to melt because it's made with plastic and may not resists to the heat. Don't forget that the light is produced by the heating of the filament.

H7 - Xenon

You may also find H7-Xenon bulbs. Don't get confused : These bulbs are NOT HID-Xenon bulbs ! This is NOT the same technology at all but the word "xenon" appears to mislead many buyers. H7-Xenon bulbs are only standard bulbs filled with some xenon gaz - very difficult to check anyway. They do not give more light than regular H7 bulbs. They may just last longer, that's all. The more noticeable difference is the price which is excessive regarding the performance.

H7 - Blue Light

Blue-tinted bulbs are no more powerful than usual transparent bulbs, they only give the feeling they are whiter than usual bulbs because the blue glass filters the yellow part of the light spectrum. As the glass is not fully transparent, it get hotter and therefore last for a shorter time. Not a real bargain imho.
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